Frequently Asked Questions

How do you select projects for investments?
Experienced management team analyzes the market daily and provides information about the possible investments. They add information about the ICOs to the system. TokensGate platform is based on our unique algorythm score of the project. When scoring is completed, TokensGate uses predictive algorythms to adjust the scoring by historical information and decides if similar projects succeded in the past. When the system scoring is completed, the information about the business is added to our advisors' platform. At least 50 advisors, without contacting each other, score the core values of the business, such as market/team/technology. When we have all the scorings from our advisors, we calculate average value and connect it with system value. At the end, our management directors, with the best experience possible, make a final decision and sign a transfer in the Tokensgate Multisignature wallet.
How does it look from a technical viewpoint?
When an investor joins our platform, we‘re creating an dedicated ethereum smart contract that describes the rules and terms of asset management. All client resources are allocated on the smart contract wallet. All investments are made from this dedicated wallet, and all tokens are saved there. When the tokensgate contract is finished, the smart contract wallet is transfered to an investor.
How the wallet is secured?
The smart contract we create for an investor is saved in Ethereum blockchain to give you full transparency and due dilligence possibilities. From a source code, you can read all the terms and restrictions we provide to keep you secure. Every smart contract we provide for a client has core security protocols included.
Who will make transfers from my wallet?
When TokensGate manages your wallet, only Tokensgate can iniate the transfer from a wallet. TokensGate uses a special scoring and investment system based on our MultiSignature wallet. Every transfer is authorized by the platform and two investment directors.
What is the minimum investment amount?
You can invest from 1 to 100 ETH in a single contract
Can I add resources to existing contract?
Yes! You can transfer resources to your existing wallet.
What is the minimum time of allocation?
We will allocate your resources in minimum of 10 different companies. The number of investments depends on your investment resources. We will allocate all new resources in maximum of 6 months.
When can I close the contract?
You can‘t close the contract before the agreed dates. The contract ends 12 months from the day the contract was created. Then the ownership will be transfered to you, and from that date, you can manage your resources by yourself.
What if you will not allocate all ETH?
In this case, you will get your ETH back when the ownership of the wallet is initiated
Who are the advisors?
We invest in businesses using blockchain technology in their strategy. That‘s why we work with advsiors that can tell us their opinion on different levels. We have business and market specialists, technology gurus, financial and blockchain experts. Those people look at the business from different perspectives and help us to define if a business is worth investing our clients money!
How is commision paid?
We charge an agreed comission only in the form of tokens we invest in because we believe in the businesses we invest our clients' resources. The commision is automated. Every time we allocate money in the business and get tokens in return, our commision is calculated and automatically transfered to our dividend wallet, which is hardcoded in the contract.
What is the maintance fee?
To keep our platform runingrunning we charge a 5% maintance fee from the resources provided to an investment wallet. For example, if you transfer 1 ETH to your wallet, 0,05 ETH will be transfered to ourmaintance contract. All resources from the maintance contract are used to keep our platform runing.
Am I anonymous?
We will not provide information about the owner of the wallet to public information, so you are anonymous in the Blockchain network, but we will keep the information about the wallet owner (you) for maintance reasons!
What do you mean by transparency?
Blockchain gives you a powerful way to make due diligence on your contracts. You will see all transfers going in and out from your wallet. All information is saved in a blockchain, not controlled by tokensgate.
Do you accept cash?
No, we do not accept cash! We're an ethereum based system. We only accept Ethereum for our contracts, but we will tell you how to get Ethereum if you have no idea how to do it.
Do I need an Ethereum wallet?
Yes, you need an Ethereum wallet. We will instruct you how to keep your wallet safe to keep your investment secure! If you don‘t have it, we will tell you how to get one during the on-boarding process.
Can I tell you to invest in something?
No, you can‘t do it! We have a strict investment policy, and we choose projects based on our selection procedure and provided algorythms!
Can I have more than one contract?
Yes, you can have as many contracts as you want! If you want another contract, log-in to our platform and open a new one with just one click!
What is TokensGate clients panel?
You can look at everything from a blockchain perspective, but if you want a more readable version, you can use our Client Panel. In the client panel, you can watch your investments with all information provided by TokensGate like comments, scoring, and valuation.
Can I trade tokens on exchanges?
Tokens are offered by businesses before they go public. Every business has their own exchanged strategy, but most open the trade for their cryptocurrency up to 12 months after ICO is completed. We select those businesses that have a straightforward strategy for exchanges and tokens utilization in their business. We want to be sure the tokens will be converted to tradable currency in the next 12 months.
Do you guarantee that tokens will be tradable?
Absolutely not! We try to allocate resources in the most promising businesses with clear strategy about token monetization, but that depends on the business, not us! If a business cannot successfully monetize their tokens, than you must know of their zero worth at the end of the day. That‘s why it‘s so important to choose the right projects with high potential of success.
Who can be your customer?
We accept all investors with legal right to invest in cryptocurrencies. When Joining our platform you must accept our terms and conditions and confirm that you are eligable to legally acquire tokens!
Can a US resident be your client?
We invest in tokens with their own terms and conditions. If you‘re a US citizent or a citizen of a different country that bans cryptocurrency, we cannot invest your resources in those businesses.
What do you do with KYC when investing?
We are investing on behalf of you. When investment will be made from your wallet into the Token that requires KYC than we will add details you provided to us. We will only allocate your resources in businesses that are eligable with our terms and conditions.
Do you care about AML?
Yes, we do! Anti Money Laudering rules are part of our terms and conditions. When you add your wallet to our system and before we hardcode the wallet into a smart contract, we make a full address due dilligence. If your address was listed in an AML list, contract will not be submited and created.
Where are you located?
The company is incorporated in United Kingdom under the name of TokensGate Limited. We also have our offices in London, Warsaw, Minsk and Moscow

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